PV-1 Ventura forward fuselage (for Revell kit)

The story on how this set was created. 
The first thing I noticed just as I got this kit was obviously 
the incorrect shape of the forward fuselage. A quick comparison
of the model with the photos of actual aircraft confirmed that cross sections of the lower 
part of the kit nose were flat instead semicircular. Because of these incorrect cross 
sections the forward fuselage looked too heavy and massive from top-side angles of view 
(more comments on this question are HERE).
Also, do not be confused with this well-known photo from internet. Actual cross section is 
shown in a separate frame here and illusion of the flattened belly appears at photos like 
this because of a sloped edge of the front wall of the weapon bay (picture below).
(click the pictures to enlarge)
The first idea that came to my mind was that the forward fuselage was too narrow from 
a plan view and it is necessary to mold the entire forward fuselage in order to fix this 
issue. To check this idea I went to the Pima Air And Space Museum and took all actual 
dimensions of the forward fuselage from the Harpoon example they have there. I used 
a simple plumb bob for this purpose.
In fact, the dimensions of the model matched these actual dimensions perfectly. It meant that there was no necessity to mold a completely new forward fuselage and molding only a new, corrected belly part would be sufficient to fix this shape issue. Now this correction set is here, carefully molded and giving a more realistic look to the model from all angles.