1/12 Ferrari 312B body correction set (for Tamiya kit)

Firstly released as a motorized toy, this Ferrari 312B kit appeared 
in accordance with the standards of accuracy from the early 70s.  
Keeping the major idea of this car as a completed model it just does not 
look completely similar to the real car, however. The major issues with 
the kit are concentrated around the front radiator cowling and the cockpit fairing. The shape 
of these parts in the kit is totally wrong! These issues can not be easily fixed with a simple 
modification of the original kit parts and this is why we decided to master this completely 
new correction set.
So, for the first time on the market since the kit was initially
released we introduce this full
correction set intended to fix the major issues with the kit.
The set includes finely cast new replacement parts including the
cockpit glazing cast in crystal
clear resin and featuring perfect accuracy and perfect fit of all the replacement parts.